Stick Grips Camo Golf Towel
Stick Grips Camo Golf Towel
Stick Grips Camo Golf Towel
Stick Grips Camo Golf Towel
Stick Grips Camo Golf Towel

Stick Grips Camo Golf Towel

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SIZE : 23.6" x 15.75". Is the perfect golf towel size. Not to large that it is cumbersome and not too small that you run out of surface area. 

DESIGN : Light weight polyester and polyamide blend for water absorption. Waffle knit texture for quick and easy removal of grass, dirt, and sand from your clubs and golf balls. 

MATERIAL : Special blend of 100% Polyester to provide for maximum water absorbance and light weight construction. 

CARABINER : Steel carabiner for quick and easy towel removal. 

Camo Everything

Style That Performs

Soft, absorbent, and stylish, our golf towels are a perfect combination of style and performance.


FEEL. Our performance blend of natural rubber for comfort and synthetic rubber for durability makes us one of the highest quality grips on the market.

ASCENSION TAPER. This gives the grip a thicker bottom compare to other standard grips. In return it relaxes your lower hand and translates to better club face control and fast swing speed.

LOOK. Golf and the community around it has change over the last few year. We thought your grips should too. That is why we made great grips that look good.

More Distance. More Control. More Consistent.

Our Ascension Taper allows you to get more distance and more control on your golf shots.

We made this happen by developing a thicker lower half of the grip compared to other standard grips on the market. This relaxes the grip of your bottom hand and in turn, increases your swing speed and club face control.

Golf Grip FAQs

Yes, you can regrip your clubs yourself at home. We even offer a kit for it! Click on the link below to see how to.

You can take your new Stick Grips to any golf establishment that offers a regripping service. This includes Golf Galaxy, PGA Tour Super Store, Dick Sporting Goods, and most golf pro shops.

How often should a replace my golf grips?

How to replace your grips at home

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Our mission

We are golf grip company located in Austin, Texas with one goal in mind. Deliver premium grips at a great price that makes you feel good and play better.

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As a general rule, it's recommended that you change your grips once a year, though if you play more than 40 rounds a year or hit the range a few times a week, you may need to replace grips more often. The most obvious sign of worn grips is a slick, glossy feel and appearance