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Our performance blend of natural rubber for comfort and synthetic rubber for durability makes us one of the highest quality grips.


Stick Grips Ascension Taper gives the grip a thicker bottom half compared to other standard grips. This relaxes your lower hand and generates faster swing speed and more club face control.

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Mix & match any way you want and create your own customized bag of clubs to match your style.

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Initially, I was skeptical about another grip company that have crazy designs. When I got to feel Stick Grips, my first thought was "I need to test these out“. Fast forward to after my first round using these grips, I felt more control with my clubs, they were so comfortable, and I love the look. Watch out for these guys, they are on to something!

Shoot It Straight

Regrip Guide: 101

Wondering what happens next after you buy your new set of Stick Grips? If you are handy around the green but not so handy off the green, re-gripping your clubs is super easy!

Take your clubs and new Stick Grips into any pro shop or golf store, or if you fancy your own DIY skills, get our re-grip kit and re-grip your clubs at home!